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UPS Installations




Today many data centers and IT departments depend on quality, clean, reliable and uninterruptible power. Electrical power and matched UPS – generator systems are more than a convenience; they are an essential element of doing business today, especially as so many companies that operate satellite locations depend on one facility for communication. APT can offer and provide turnkey installations of conventional battery type UPS systems, and specialized "Flywheel battery less systems".

Advanced Power Technologies can offer a preliminary consultation and load analysis to better identify current load and future growth potential. Once identified we can offer complete sales and installation services on UPS systems ranging in size from 8KVA up to 1100KVA, and if required integrated generators equipped to handle non linear loads from 12KW – 2.2MW, From the very beginning we work closely with our clients IT personnel to select the right unit and options for their specific application.

Adding a large UPS system to an older building may pose more than just an inconvenience; these facilities were generally not electrically equipped to handle them. Often they were wired with smaller sized utility neutrals, while acceptable for the time, today it does not conform to the current electrical code and is not acceptable, adding a large UPS system to such a facility can be dangerous and a detriment to the integrity of the service equipment in the building.

A preliminary site survey, load study or consultation by Advanced Power Technologies, can pin point potential problems early on saving our clients from making costly mistakes.

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