Initial Systems Designs, Sizing & Planning

Whether you need is for a generator for your home, or a large commercial/industrial generator system for your business or facility, The experienced team at Advanced Power Technologies can help you select the right system to meet your needs. From the initial consultation, and throughout the entire process, our experts will ensure a smooth project with minimal interruption. Our services comprise of: Consultation, project assessment, on site evaluation, load study and power quality if required (to determine the exact electrical load and requirements of your project), Other services available: Engineering, turnkey installation and long-term maintenance contract solutions.

On-Site Contractor Assitance

Contractors benefit from working with APT for their clients power generation needs. We offer our years of technical experience, combined with high quality industry recognized equipment, offered at discounted contractor pricing. We offer contractors on site pre-installation guidance, and quickly work to ensure accurate engineering data is provided. APT then alleviates the contractors responsibility by providing their clients with certified factory after sales support. APT also offers end users / contractors the ability to trade in pre-owned systems at fair market value pricing.


Engineering services are available to evaluate the facilities potential power generation requirements, feasibility and load studies, power quality studies. Construction drawings can also be constructed for permitting.

System Installation Support

Whether APT is the single source equipment and turnkey installation solution, we also provide just generator and switchgear systems, with our after sales certified dealer support. This allows potential clients to choose APT as a single source provider or work through contractors they may have a working relationship with in house. Whatever the installation choice, we support the contractor and end user alike, from concept to commissioning.

Project Management

Whether APT is providing a sole source turnkey installation solution, or providing contractor installation support through one of our certified installers, APT remains actively involved with all facets of the sale to ensure a smooth and trouble free installation for our clients.

Technical Support & Maintenance

Our services continue long after the commissioning of the equipment. APT and our factory certified technicians and qualified partners, offer long term maintenance solutions to ensure the equipment remains in peak performance and ready in an emergency outage.

Keep your business running, even when the power is out.