Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Keep your lights on even in a total power grid blackout.

Gain peace of mind that your home will never be without electricity with a custom generator installation by Advanced Power Technologies.


When inclement weather hits, your home can be without electricity for days – in some cases, even weeks. That means no power for lights, medical necessities, personal devices, communication, heating/cooling or refrigeration. So not only will you be uncomfortable sitting in the dark with no cell phone – you can’t reliably store or cook food.

For both on-grid and off-grid homes, Advanced Power Technologies has solutions to insure that you have consistent electricity around the clock. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners find new peace of mind with generators that automatically restore power during blackouts.

To start the process, we help you determine your energy needs then custom tailor a system to meet your home’s requirements. When you need service, or have questions – we’re here to guide you through it all.

Your peace of mind is important to us, and you’ll be surprised by how affordably we can deliver it. Call APT today to get your home’s electricity secured at all times.

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