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Project Management & Consulting

Advanced Power Technologies offers our clients a broad spectrum of services with respect to their power and project requirements, from complete project management to working with a client appointed contractor for equipment specification and installation.

Specialized Expertise

Many times clients have their own engineering companies and contractors that require specialized power technology expertise to help ensure equipment is not oversized or undersized and the correct equipment factory configuration is matched to the client's respective load type. A common misconception with power generation is match the utility size and bigger is better. This logic can lead to premature equipment and generator failure, often leaving the end user with costly repairs within only a few years. Our qualified specialists will work with your appointed contractors to select the right equipment for your needs to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance you can count on.

Comprehensive Consulting Levels

Whether the need is for a small project or multiple paralleled units and switchgear, our experts can help at a variety of different consulting levels, from the initial consultation and project commencement all the way through to project completion and start up. Our factory trained personnel work together with the client and their contractors to ensure safety and quality while adhering to company milestones to complete your project on time and on budget.