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Power Quality, & Load Studies | Power Quality & Power Analysis

Plant -  General CNC Equipment Power Quality

Do you experience constant plant & facility equipment failures and shutdowns? Power quality could be an issue. In addition to generators and UPS load studies, APT performs extensive CNC equipment power analysis and offers full corrective fixes. Loss production and constant circuit board and/or servo drive failures are often indicative of fast power transients,and harmonics.

General Power Quality Analysis

The costs of poor power quality can be significant. Each time production is interrupted, your business loses profit.

With the introduction of new electronic and digital controls into a building's electrical system, including computers, UPS systems, transmitters, variable frequency drives (and other non linear loads), large motors, and HVAC equipment, power quality can be adversely affected. This can cause equipment and transformer failures or annoying intermittent shutdowns.

Power quality is a measure of how well a system supports reliable operation of its loads. A power disturbance or event can involve voltage, current, harmonics, surges, transients, or frequency fluctuations. Power disturbances can originate in consumer power systems, consumer loads, or at the utility. In many cases the addition of such equipment to an existing building's electrical system can introduce these problems at the consumer level, affecting existing equipment.

Poor building power factor due to large inductive loads such as motors, HVAC, and old lighting ballasts can result in significant increased energy costs. Electric utilities may charge penalties on poor power factor or high peak demands.

Power Quality Solutions

Accurately sizing a generator can save thousands of dollars and prevent costly under and over sizing of equipment. Along with the proliferation of computers and other sensitive devices in our professional and personal lives, awareness and addressing of power quality issues is becoming increasingly important. Poor quality of power causes not only physical damage to equipment but also results in downtime (which, in turn, lowers productivity) and a substantial increase in energy costs. Hence, power monitoring is critical to extracting optimal performance out of your devices.

Power monitoring is an important process in identifying current and potential power quality issues and addressing them before they get out of hand. Good power monitoring equipment can provide reliable information about power quality, demand and flow.

Advanced Power Technologies provides electrical power quality analysis using sophisticated recording and monitoring technology to monitor voltage inrushes, fluctuations, harmonics, spikes, cross currents, phase imbalances, grounding issues, power factor, transformer heating, nuisance breaker tripping, and electronic equipment issues, plus many other power disturbances. We can diagnose your power quality issues and help identify the root cause of the power problem. We can also provide detailed power quality reports to aid in future planning and make recommendations for improving issues such as poor power factor to enhance power system efficiency, resulting in reduced utility bills. We are committed to providing affordable solutions that save you time and money. 

Generator Design

With years of experience working in a variety of industrial and commercial facilities, as well as residential homes, the Advanced Power Technologies team can accurately assess your current and future power generation needs and design a system that will meet your long-term requirements. From comparing new generators and used generators to determining if a UPS battery back up is required, to recommending the appropriate generator sizing and placement, our power specialists can assist with all aspects of your equipment selection, installation, and service.

Advanced Power Technologies, performs complete load studies to develop custom power generation solutions for your unique project specifications. Our goal is to ensure proper generator sizing, consistent power quality, a turnkey installation process, and long-lasting performance you can count on. 

Generator & UPS Sizing

Before selecting a generator system, it is crucial to have an accurate understanding of your standby power requirements. We offer technical consultation services to help determine which system is best suited to your specific application. Our highly-trained team can perform generator load studies to evaluate your power capacity requirements and recommend appropriate generator sizing to ensure your equipment can adequately meet your needs in the event of a power loss.