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Contractor Partners

APT Partner Affiliate Program

Advanced Power Technologies offers special technical support  and pricing for dealers / contractors and  our re sale partners. We offer premium pricing for quality units we purchase, and fair market value for our quality new equipment. As a partner we provide first hand assistance and full installation if required to ensure the correct units are specified, and alleviate the contractor worry about after sales support. We can also work directly with your end user client and offer very fair partner compensations.

Whether you are buying or selling, when you work with APT you know that you are working with a company that not only has the experience, but the capability to handle even the largest of projects.

APT will also recommend to our clients qualified and licensed local contractors.

Click here to contact us about becoming a sales affiliate partner.

You can buy equipment from APT at dealer pricing

  • Discounted pricing
  • Fair market value
  • Quality products
  • Factory certified start up and testing
  • Excellent service
  • Get paid a fee merely for a referral. Residential,Commercial or Industrial