Generator Load Bank Breaker Addition



Breaker up fit and enclosure

Advanced Power Technologies offers in house, and on site generator breaker addition retrofits for a convenient and safe load bank tie in point, fire pump breaker addition, or multiple building breakers.

This breaker addition  offers a safer and more reliable load bank or portable (back up to a backup) connection point. Without a dedicated breaker, the main circuit breaker terminals can become weak with constant removal and re-torquing of feeder cables to attach a load bank. Plus if the power goes out in the middle of a load bank test, the load is not supported until the main circuit breaker cables can be re attached. Also a risk of constant breaker cables being removed is breaker damage, at the most inopportune time.

With our twin breaker and tie in point and complete OEM matched sheet metal upfit design, should the power be interrupted in the middle of a load bank session, the main breaker can just be turned on, and load bank breaker off, or shunt tripped automatically. Adding industry standard camlock feeds to this second breaker.

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Breaker install and load bank shunt trip CT's



1MW Fire pump breaker addition and sheet metal enclosure.



Integrated Load Bank or Portable Tie In Point