Insure your business stays running even in a power outage.

How much would it cost your business to lose power – even for one day?

It’s not just the lights that need to stay on. When the electricity stops, so do your computers, refrigeration, heating/cooling – virtually all of your critical systems. That could mean the loss of transactions, product, data and customers.

Keep your business running 100% of the time with a custom tailored generator installation by Advanced Power Technologies

We specialize in turnkey installations for commercial projects of all sizes, from the initial site evaluation through post-installation support and service solutions. We identify equipment load sizing or facility power problems regardless of equipment type. We fully understand how important power is to your business and we’re here to guide you through every step of the process, so you no longer have to guess how much a day without power would cost.


When your business endures a power outage, it means serious downtime.

You could lose supplies, incur loss of business, or worse. APT is here to insure that you’re never without electricity. To schedule a consultation with our specialists, please use the form below and we will assist you through every step of the process – or give us a call at 864-268-3532.

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Common Businesses That Require 100% Electrical Uptime

  • Data Centers & IT Departments
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Logistics &  Shipping
  • General Business Operations
  • Emergency First Responders
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • TV / Radio Broadcast
  • Telecom
  • Water Treatment