Alternative Fuels

Have the Best of Both Worlds

Achieve a Better Alternative


Alternative fuels are playing a more significant energy role every day, so you need power systems that can take advantage of their benefits. Cummins Power designs, builds and maintains on-site power generation systems using special low-Btu gas generator sets. Achieve flexible greener energy options (without sacrificing performance) with gensets that run on these alternative fuels:
  • Solid waste landfill gas: a 50-percent methane gas formed from organic material in landfills
  • Municipal sewage digester gas: a 65–75 percent methane gas produced by sewage digesters
  • Biogas from agricultural wastes: a methane gas produced from hog, cattle and poultry confinement wastes
  • Coal seam gas: methane occurring naturally in coal deposits
  • Flare gas: flammable gases and vapors from oil exploration activities
  • Biodiesel: diesel fuel mixed with up to 10 percent of oils and fats from plant or animal sources, burned in an unmodified diesel generator
  • Liquid Natural Gas An Alternate To Diesel

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Need to reduce greenhouse gases with a power system that produces electric power and thermal energy for heat, steam or air conditioning? Cummins Power has your cogeneration solution. With systems powered by natural gas or diesel, we capture "waste heat" and make sure it doesn't go to waste - generally cutting your fuel (and CO2 production) in half while also saving you up to 35 percent on overall energy costs.

  • Reciprocating - engine generators from as small as 30 kW to more than 100 MW
  • Improved electric supply reliability
  • Easy system installation and expansion
  • Eligibility for CHP tax credits and "carbon credits" for reduced CO2 emissions
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