About APT

With more than 35 years of experience, Advanced Power Technologies provides reliable power generation solutions for clients in diverse industries both nationally and internationally, from government agencies and emergency service providers to telecommunications systems and medical facilities. We specialize in generator systems for both residential and commercial projects of all sizes and focus on fitting the right generator to the unique needs of each client.

APT corporate is based in Greenville SC, we sell equipment nationally across the states, and Internationally through our affiliate program. We specialize in going the extra mile for our clients, and we offer turnkey commercial project installations nationally. APT supports a broad range of clients with their emergency power needs. Whether a residential generator for home use, or a unit large enough to support a city block, or co-generation.

Turnkey Services

At Advanced Power Technologies, our goal is to provide turnkey services –from the initial assessment of your project through post-installation service solutions. We carefully evaluate your current and future power generation needs, help you determine the equipment that is best suited to your requirements, and offer long-term maintenance contracts to ensure that your system continues to meet your needs for years to come

Quality Products

Advanced Power Technologies offers an extensive selection of high quality products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We carry both new generators and used generators as well as uninterruptible power supplies, harmonic filters and power factor correction systems, and many other products to ensure reliable power generation for your home or business.